Friday, April 10, 2009

Smart Football Blog Invitation

There has been quite a buzz about the Triple Shoot Offense that I recently received an invitation to write an article on this system in an upcoming feature of Smart Football: Analysis & Strategy. The plan is to give coaches and fans an understanding as to the historical perspectives, systematic development and key features of the Triple Shoot. I haven't written an article since the mid 90's about the offense (American Football Quarterly®) but I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to reach some more serious football enthusiasts and coaches.

As I plan on finishing the article by next week, I will post the article in it's original form on this blog, once it appears on Smart Football: Analysis & Strategy. I have been told they will edit the article and possibly put other information in the body of the article. That's fine, and I am sure it will turn out just fine. For you, I will make sure the original is in this blog.


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TripleShoot2009 said...

Looking forward to the article