Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Triple Shoot Offense & the Evolution of Knowledge

The Triple Shoot Offense has followed the path of the evolution of knowledge.

The evolution of knowledge is toward simplicity, not complexity. An evolution toward complexity is an evolution toward authoritarianism and pomposity. What many in our profession seem to do is say, "You couldn't possibly understand this, therefore I, who pretend to, am more important than you are and I am the Genius." This is the attitude that mires learning.

So many coaches and systems pertaining to this game have been developed to overcomplicate a great game all in the name of saying one is a Genius or that a system is so intricate that only certain people can possibly understand it.

All things are complex when they are poorly understood.

"Take a look at any game and just count how many plays there was 100% understanding by the players and they executed their assignments to perfection (11 for 11). It rarely happens, in fact, one Big 12 coach told me that if they had a dozen plays that were perfect in a game it would be amazing! The reason why? Misunderstood words which lead to poorly understood concepts in the system and ultimately assignment "busts" on game day."

The key to football is to make it a workable and understandable game for anyone willing to take the time to learn a particular system and it's Axioms. A system that does not do this is simply not football per se, but a pretense*. Thus, if you are working with any idea that the game of football "is too complex to understand," you are taking a stand of those who failed.

The odyssey of resolving the Triple Shoot Offense have been enormously difficult. The solution of how to effectively move the ball with a balance and explosiveness is now very simple. The only problems that I have ever run into are in helping out those who have a prior education that the game is difficult. It's not, football is meant to be simple, elegant, fun & explosive! It's arguably the most popular game in America!


*Pretense is a claim made or implied; especially one not supported by fact.

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