Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Indecision is the ruin of a good offense!

I was looking at how we are working with players to teach them and get the results we are after on the field of play.

I came up with the application of the Principle of Indecision. Well, what's this about? If a player is stuck in a "maybe" on a concept then he will have poor reaction time, make numerous mistakes on the field and this will happen in streaks during a game. Thats the last thing any coach wants to happen.

Think about it, if you don't know exactly "what to do" or even "what not to do you" are stuck in a maybe world.

It comes down to the old Shakespeare quote, "To be or not to be".

Stuck in a "maybe" world is the worst place to be. It keeps the player in a state of inaction, stymied, unproductive.

A good offense must be specific in it's teaching methodology. Questions should be answered with concrete answers, so as not to leave a gray area for the player on game day.

I have always despised the coach that says, "Well, you sort of do it like this, but sometimes it is different, blah, blah, blah!" This just tells me that he doesn't know what in the world he is talking about and his teams will play in spurts and less than optimally execute his system. Most likely, he has not codified his system, defined words and key concepts so anyone can understand them (Once again, he wants to appear the genius.)

In the Triple Shoot Offense, we have codified each aspect of the system, developed a master glossary, put in specific rules to identify defenses and how to execute a play "on the run" with the utmost confidence.

Indecision is not tolerated! Excellence is expected.

This is a good time of the year to ask yourself, "Is my offense truly codified so that our players and coaches have no miss-understood words - zero defects?" If so, great! you are on your way to getting it done this year, if not, you may want to look into the Triple Shoot Offense.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Triple Shoot Offense & the Evolution of Knowledge

The Triple Shoot Offense has followed the path of the evolution of knowledge.

The evolution of knowledge is toward simplicity, not complexity. An evolution toward complexity is an evolution toward authoritarianism and pomposity. What many in our profession seem to do is say, "You couldn't possibly understand this, therefore I, who pretend to, am more important than you are and I am the Genius." This is the attitude that mires learning.

So many coaches and systems pertaining to this game have been developed to overcomplicate a great game all in the name of saying one is a Genius or that a system is so intricate that only certain people can possibly understand it.

All things are complex when they are poorly understood.

"Take a look at any game and just count how many plays there was 100% understanding by the players and they executed their assignments to perfection (11 for 11). It rarely happens, in fact, one Big 12 coach told me that if they had a dozen plays that were perfect in a game it would be amazing! The reason why? Misunderstood words which lead to poorly understood concepts in the system and ultimately assignment "busts" on game day."

The key to football is to make it a workable and understandable game for anyone willing to take the time to learn a particular system and it's Axioms. A system that does not do this is simply not football per se, but a pretense*. Thus, if you are working with any idea that the game of football "is too complex to understand," you are taking a stand of those who failed.

The odyssey of resolving the Triple Shoot Offense have been enormously difficult. The solution of how to effectively move the ball with a balance and explosiveness is now very simple. The only problems that I have ever run into are in helping out those who have a prior education that the game is difficult. It's not, football is meant to be simple, elegant, fun & explosive! It's arguably the most popular game in America!


*Pretense is a claim made or implied; especially one not supported by fact.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Smart Football Blog Invitation

There has been quite a buzz about the Triple Shoot Offense that I recently received an invitation to write an article on this system in an upcoming feature of Smart Football: Analysis & Strategy. The plan is to give coaches and fans an understanding as to the historical perspectives, systematic development and key features of the Triple Shoot. I haven't written an article since the mid 90's about the offense (American Football Quarterly®) but I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to reach some more serious football enthusiasts and coaches.

As I plan on finishing the article by next week, I will post the article in it's original form on this blog, once it appears on Smart Football: Analysis & Strategy. I have been told they will edit the article and possibly put other information in the body of the article. That's fine, and I am sure it will turn out just fine. For you, I will make sure the original is in this blog.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

The latest progress on the Triple Shoot .....

Well, I've been asked to start adding to this blog although I have been blogging recently on

The offense has been through a codification process this off-season. I feel as If last year was a catharsis for me in coaching the system. The coaching clinics that we did last year were extremely successful as per the results that all the high schools have had in 2008.

I took some time in the off-season after I asked myself the question, "How can I help more coaches improve their already impressive results in running the offense?" And, here what I came up with ....

First of all, I have decided to offer this service to coaches nationwide via our online Triple Shoot Seminar. This came to me after our first event in January, 2009. So that product will be launched shortly .... check out the companion website for updates.

In asking the question above, I started to ponder the keys to the actual execution in football in general. After some research, I noticed that if the game was basically executed via assignments, technique and effort, then I should really get to the bottom of this and help our team and others in implementing the offense. You might ask, "where in the world is this guy going with this?" And, that's a good question. Without going into all of my research, just trust me on this concept ..... The foundation of any offense is based on being assignment correct. Missed assignments occur for this one reason and this one reason only .... "mis-understood words". WHAT?!

Yes, the mis-understood word (not the concept) is actually the root of ALL assignment busts. (This alone is worth a blog in and of itself) Think about it, if every coach clearly understood every word in your teaching implementation, then they could get grasp of the concepts and then have the basis for teaching the system.

If you can follow this, now is the time to explain what I have done. Codification of the system has been the first action that has come into play. I started this process by have a novice coach review all my teaching progressions and answering the following question, "What words are not clear to you?" After that, I went in and created a comprehensive glossary of over 15 pages and defined every word and coaching point. WOW! I feel like I have found the Holy Grail!

This codification system has been incorporated in my teaching methodology and initial tests have shown so many "aha" moments by players and coaches that I am certain this will be an overwhelming success when the Triple Shoot Online program is launched.

Please, stay posted for what's up next.